Now We Talk Gun Control Because Of The Suburbs?

Federally-supported gun violence intervention ...
Federally-supported gun violence intervention program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is America really serious now we’re talking gun control. In Chicago in 2012 there were over 500 homicides and majority were from gun violence and I heard noting about OH WE NEED AND EXECUTIVE ORDER FROM THE PRESIDENT. Every life is important no matter where you live, no matter your race, faith or income. Inner city life is just as important as suburban life, violence and death can hit you anywhere in the world. I heard a guy on you tube say “would we be talking about  gun control if 26 black children had been shot dead?” This is something for us to sit and think about because why is a white life more valuable than any other nationality? What happen at Sandy Hook School was a terrible tragedy, What happen in Aurora Co. was terrible. And everyday a life is lost in the inner city by gun violence or by any other means of violence is a tragedy and is terrible. I’m extremely happy that today President Obama signed and executive order concerning gun control but why couldn’t this have been done in 2012 or in years before. My personal opinion as a man who serve in the military for 10 years is what does a private citizen need with and assault rife? I totally agree with the 2nd Amendment when it comes to the right to bare  arms and I also feel back ground checks are important when you want to own a weapon and in owning that weapon you should be responsible, be trained and use safety and smart judgement. And I feel anyone who takes and innocent life should be locked up and the key thrown away but that’s just my opinion on this matter. May GOD Bless us all and Bless our children and love ones. America we need a mine change and in the inner city we need to stop talking among ourselves and make sure what happens in our communities stays in the press.




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