Violent Chicago Weekend

Senseless Violence
Senseless Violence (Photo credit: 1Sock)

From June 8-10 there were 24 shootings and 3 homicides in the city which brings the homicides up to 264 if that number is accurate and the shootings are now 875 and this is just June what do we expect in July/August. If you ask me someone is getting paid from all this. If I know nothing else I know how the streets and crooked cops and crooked politicians work. The city already knows the Chicago gang situation can be stopped now because all the real leaders are locked up and these guys/gals who claim these gangs (because you can’t call them organizations anymore) due to the fact they are turning on each other from the same set. The original OG’s are locked up,dead or not trying to talk to the so called young guns because they won’t listening anyway. We have organizations who say they are for peace and are against violence but you only see them on TV News after the violence is over. The thing about the organizations who claim they are for the community and have such a pulse on all this then why they are not stepping in sooner. No parent wanna see you on the news or at their front door after the fact saying “THIS IS SENSELESS” Hello!!! we already know this. Cease Fire claims they have such a great track record and a ear to the street then I say don’t talk about it be about it and step in before things get out of hand and pull these so called gangs together behind close doors and squash the disagreement before it gets to people being injured or killed. Because you already know these guys are not fighting because they are afraid to take a punch so what makes they’re coward butts feel good is picking up a gun and pulling the trigger and 90% of the time these idiots shoot and kill and innocent person. I see why a lot of youths stay in their homes playing video games etc.”Hell you may get shot” Oh and before I go Mayor Rahm Emanuel what happen to your words of ” I’m gonna stop the violence” crap you were pushing to the people when you were running. Oops forgot you’re in already so why should you care.



  1. I said they are putting something in the water at the filtration plants! It’s just happening in mostly the urban areas. It’s like Rahm was put in to kill off the population! SMH

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